About the site

There are plenty of sites chock full of information about World of Tanks or other games. A great many haven't been updated for a time, and others cater towards those who spend a lot of waking moments playing, eating and sleeping tanks. Some sites do a great job of assisting other players, new and old.

The intent of the site is quite simple: Lay out information about a game in a simple, easy to get manner. In a way that someone who is both brand new to a game or a seasoned veteran can understand, interpret and learn from.

Doing something like that is a simple idea, but hard to acomplish. Sites like WoTLabs or vBaddict are pillars in the community, and for good reason. However, I (PolosElite23) don't feel like they assist newer players as well. Similarly, numbers can be deceiving. If a tank is statically good for X, Y or Z reason, someone who doesn't understand the full capabilities, armor, or gun characteristics won't be able to infer them from just reading numbers. Everything is scattered. You might read stats and play guides on WoTLabs or vBaddict. Then, you maybe watch a Jingles or Quickybaby video to get an idea of how it plays.

However, both of these expect you to understand some basics or have some play experience. Polos' Post should cater differently. It should lay things out in an easy to understand way, break down the strengths and weaknesses and then show you how, with pictures and various information in an easy to understand way, gathered into one place. If you get confused, we will have a comment section to ask questions on the information on every page.

The goal isn't to make you into a Unicum player overnight. It isn't to show you how to take the AMX 40 into a battle and 360 no-scope twenty tanks in a battle. Its to give you practical advice and training to enable you to become better. Becoming a great player doesn't happen spontaneously overnight.

So let's work on it together.