Welcome to Polos' Post

This site intends to help you navigate various games and their complexities and, hopefully, enable you to do well and become a better player. We'll be focusing on World of Tanks for a while, but we'll hit some other games soon enough. Just go ahead and check out our World of Tanks information above!

If you're looking to level up your game, we can help. I also recommend Wotlabs for information and advice as well. Also consider signing up for the World of Tanks Sub-Reddit's Adopt a Tomato Program or asking on the sub-reddit for a player to teach you.

Check out these Community Contributers:

I can recommend a few Community Contributers who do a good job of show casing good play! Check them out and study how they play or view their tutorials!

Join our Training Clan!

My clan, [SGGC] (NA), has opened up a clan to help people get the basics down! Our little training academy is [SGTA] (NA). No stat requirements, just be active and show up to our training events. We have Teamspeak and have a lot of fun. Feel free to send me [PolosElite23] a message in game!

We'll help you go for green!